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40tude Dialog 2.0

4tude Dialog is an excellent choice when looking for a news reading program
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Softwareentwicklung Marcus Moennig

40tude Dialog is nice newsreader software made by Softwareentwicklung Marcus Mönnig.
Since there are a multitude of news groups and servers out there, you need a program to control and get the updates you need. Although it does the basic news reading actions right, there are a few annoyances. First of all, the program menu organization is confusing and reading the quick guide will not be so quick: it is incredibly long.
First you must configure all your server and mail information, that is fairly easy to do once you have the information you need. Filtering newsgroups and updating them is also simple, however, in order to read a message you must first select them from the header and then download. Once you get used to this ritual and configure all the settings in the way you like, the program shows its full potential.
It is very easy to keep having updated news and messages and quite simple to create a post and follow it.
On the whole, the program is a bit outdated, and there are probably better applications out there.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Multiple windows
  • Unicode character support


  • Very steep learning curve
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